This is my workflow when setting up Uintah/Wasatch on a Mac. This is as recent as OSX High Sierra.

  1. download and Install macports
  2. open up a terminal and install cmake using: sudo port install cmake
  3. sudo port install mpich
    1. you probably need to do: sudo port select --set mpi mpich-mp-fortran at the end (watch for messages from macports)
  4. sudo port install boost
  5. install Hypre (following the steps below):
    1. Download the latest hypre from the Hypre website:
    2. unzip/untar the file
    3. I like to put all my third party libraries under: /Users/tsaad/pkg
    4. cd pkg
    5. mkdir hypre-install
    6. cd hypre-2.11.2 (or whatever you just downloaded)
    7. cd src
    8. ./configure --prefix=/Users/tsaad/pkg/hypre-install/
    9. make install
  6. Download Uintah:
    1. git clone uintah
    2. cd uintah
    3. mkdir opt
    4. emacs configure-script.line
      ../src/configure  \
      --with-boost=/opt/local \
      --with-hypre=/Users/tsaad/pkg/hypre-install \
      --enable-optimize='-O3' \
      --with-zlib=/opt/local \
      --with-mpi-include=/opt/local/include/mpich-mp \
      --with-mpi-lib=/opt/local/lib/mpich-mp \
      --enable-wasatch \
      --enable-wasatch_3p \

      CC=gcc \
    5. close the file (ctrl + x, ctrl + s)
    6. chmod +x configure-script.line
    7. ./configure-script.line
    8. make -jX where X is the number of cores you want to use to compile.
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