Each software project here has a continuous build/test system, doxygen-generated documentation of the code, and is hosted using our local git repositories.


There are several libraries developed in Professor Sutherland’s research group that aid in developing applications:

  • SpatialOps (repository, build/test system, documentation) – a library for performing calculations on fields and particles on structured meshes that includes our domain specific language, Nebo.
  • Expression Library (repository, build/test system, documentation) – a powerful library that allows applications to be written as tasks and includes schedulers, etc. for deploying complex applications on heterogeneous architectures.
  • PoKiTT (repository, build/test system, documentation) – a library for Portable Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Transport calculations.
  • TabProps (repository, build/test system, documentation) – a library for tabular property evaluation suitable for use in reacting flow CFD solvers.
  • RadProps (repository, build/test system, documentation) – a library for computing radiative heat transfer properties in high-temperature gas mixtures.  Also includes support for particle-laden gases.
  • NSCBC (repository) – a library for implementing characteristic boundary conditions in structured solvers (depends on SpatialOps & ExprLIb)


  • Wasatch (documentation) – a highly flexible, multiphysics simulation tool that for solving systems of coupled partial differential equations on extreme-scale computers.  Wasatch uses all of the libraries listed above to improve portability, efficiency, robustness and maintainability.  Information on building Wasatch can be found here.
  • ODT (repository, build/test system, documentation)- implements an eulerian version of the One-Dimensional Turbulence Model.
  • LBMS (build/test systemdocumentation)
  • Flamelets


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