If you have an existing repository on BitBucket or elsewhere, this will show you how to move it to GitLab.

  1. Ensure that you have an account.  Then log in to GitLab.
  2. From your dashboard, click the “New Project” button and then fill in the relevant information:
    • Project path refers to the name of your project.
    • Namespace is the group that you want this project to be part of.  If this is a paper or something, put it in your own namespace.  If it is a team software project, put it in the James_Research_Group namespace.  You don’t want to change this once you have gone live with your project, since it will affect all project links, etc.
    • Skip the Import project from box.
    • Select a visibility level.  Private will require that you explicitly share access to individual users who have GitLab accounts.  Public will be world-readable by anyone.
  3. Click “create project”.  Don’t worry – you can change a lot of these setting later.

At this point, a page appears with instructions on how to push to your new GitLab repository.  I suggest that you choose the HTTPS box and use that protocol, since it avoids the extra step of you setting up SSH keys.

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